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The Inn and Silk Mill are a perfect setting for an all inclusive wedding. The Inn with its 27 b&b rooms can host overnight guests with the reception onsite in the Silk Mill. Families find it a warm, relaxed atmosphere. On premise ceremonies can be held in the courtyard, chapel,  inside the Silk Mill, or on the river. The Silk Mill is a spacious unique area perfect for weddings and receptions. The Silk Wedding packages range in price depending on the size of the wedding and the day of week. For a customized wedding package, the Inn does venue tours to go over all the possibilities to make your special event memorable. We take your wedding day very seriously and are committed to making it a wonderful experience for you, your friends and family. Please contact Anna Sanborn at 540-371-5666 or through our website to schedule a tour.

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Silk Mill Wedding Videos

Caitlin and Zach by A10 Photo Booth https://vimeo.com/384921333?fbclid=IwAR12a-sURjOwR7ctgOq9SGqor95dRWV_mnxZv41qGP-nlCoUoEWKorK3qTI

Jaida and Terrell by Michael Ellis Photos https://www.facebook.com/MichaelEllisPhotos/videos/1227381764117241/

Beca and Ben by Wild Heart Films https://www.facebook.com/wildheartfilms/videos/877568129248768/UzpfSTkyOTIyNjM3NjY3OjEwMTU3ODE1NDQyMjU3NjY4/

Macy and Jordan by Paper Boys Films https://vimeo.com/345599368/ed57e2e7dd?fbclid=IwAR2Qzg6nr04DvPXIR2VOkZXhT6LBsZWFPSDEXsa8cra78u7nR2LQOuXcZAY

Alyssa and Kyle by Birds of Passage https://vimeo.com/331684410

Claire and Austin by M. Harris Studios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci_Qoksqe_E&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3PVO1PSwXjynvAUVNHtZCz69Gp5Uc5m33nAlZqDuZw8cFxoksARUvcWms

Rachel and Evan by Voss Weddings

Hannah + Brian by Ashley Porter — https://vimeo.com/265259265

Terrie + David–Solo Koo Films 

Melissa + Keaton by Ivan Alzuro — Alzuro Video Productions

Catharine and Houston by Rachael Curry Films https://vimeo.com/178615618

Taylor + Nick by John Michael Cunningham — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioYhh6OX0ec&feature=youtu.be

Julie + Tony by Message Media — https://vimeo.com/140968720

Alexis + Luis by Solo Koo — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5FuPGpNOLs&feature=share

Nicki + Brandon video by Devin Olson — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEE5DjYi3Jg

Barbara + John by Zachury Farkas — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cGS1oNNLmk

Seth + Felicia by Simon Cook Films– https://youtu.be/8UB82MMf_3s

Joeralyn + Derrick by Brian Magee VacantImagination-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7iiWku9Wn0

Kim + John by VizInk Weddings– http://vimeo.com/202219097 


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Weddings at the Silk Mill-Photographer Links and Blogs

Capture Photography-Caitlin and Zach 11/3/19

Matthew Thwing Photography-Samantha and Henry 10/12/19

Klaire Dixius Photography-Jennifer and Anthony 8/3/19

Always Avery Photography-Kelsey and Nathan 7/12/19

Katie Jacobs Photography-Kelly and Robert 6/14/19

Sarah Houston Photography-Leigh and Justin 5/31/19

Lindsey Paradiso-Elise and Travis 3/10/19

Birds of Passage-Alyssa and Kyle 4/6/19

Gian Valdivia Photography-Rebekah and Will 3/31/19

Marie Hamilton Photography-Chelsea and Chris 7/28/18

Samantha Parkes Photography-Samm and Kyle 9/15/18

Jonathan Banks Photography-Joerayln and Derrick 4/29/18

Sarah Houston Photography-Carissa and Trey 3/24/18

Ashley Kanton Photography-Laura and Todd 12/30/17

Hartwood Photography-Alex and Jake 10/20/17

Steven and Lily Photography-Adam and Judy 10/7/17

Melissa Arlena Photography-Ashley and Chris 9/29/17

Michael B Photography-Erika and Charles 9/24/17

Steven and Lily Photography-Amy and Brian 9/23/17 

Sarah Houston Photography-Elizabeth and Joey 6/3/17

Nicole Haun Photography-Taurus and Wil 9/2/17

Carley Rehberg Photography-Sarah and Russell August 12th, 2017 

Hannah Smith Photography -Lauren and James July 15, 2017

Carley Rehberg Photography-Kate and Kevin May 12, 2017

Chelsea Diane Photography- Terrie and David April 8, 2017

Amanda beside Eric- Meg + Jamey February 19, 2017

Xpression Photography-Dayna + Adam February 25, 2017

Matthew Thwing Photography-Danielle and Aaron October 22, 2016

Arli Quinn Photography-Jennifer and Shawn October 9, 2016

Lauren R Swann Photography- Catharine + Houston

Hope Taylor Photography-May 14, 2016 Heather and Eric

Amanda Beside Eric-May 21, 2016 Jessi and Jason

Amanda Beside Eric-April 23, 2016 Amanda and Garrett

Matthew Thwing Photography-April 8, 2016 Kaitlin and Thomas

Amanda Beside Eric-December 31, 2015 Hannah and Andrew

Carley Rehberg Photography-November 14, 2015 Maggie and Doug

Karen Allen Photography-August 22, 2015 Kristin and Ryan

Matthew Thwing Photography- May 15, 2015 Hannah and Kevin

Amanda Beside Eric-November 21, 2015 Megan and Patrick

Steven and Lily Photography-June 5, 2015 Shannon and Justin

V.A. Photography-May 16, 2015 Krissy and Steve

Carley Rehberg Photography – October 12, 2013 Kendall & Shawn

Carley Rehberg Photography – January 11, 2014 Melanie & Chris

Jillian Michelle Photography – January 18, 2014 Cate & Caleb

V.A. Photography-December 7, 2013 Katie and Justin

Chelsea Diane Fine Arts Wedding Photography-January 18th, 2015 Lauren & Caleb






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